Jonathan Minchin

Jonathan is a multidisciplinary architectural designer and maker, working between the built environment, digital fabrication with a particular focus on rural contexts. He founded the Green Fab Lab at Valldaura Labs, IAAC Campus in Barcelona in 2013 and is currently the Project Manager of an EU Horizon 2020 program that develops tools for Climate Resilient Agriculture; (ROMI) Robotics for Microfarms.

In the field ‘International Cooperation, Sustainable Emergency Architecture’ he has worked on housing and development projects alongside ‘UN habitat’ in Barcelona, ‘Habitat for Humanity’ in Costa Rica, ‘UNESCO’ in Cuba and with ‘Basic Initiative’ in Tunisia. He holds a particular interest in appropriate technology and local manufacturing.  His writing on “Geographic referencing for Technology Transfer” was published in the book ‘Reflections on Development and Cooperation’. He has studied and taught in the Fab Academy, Bio Academy and setup the Zero Series workshops in Biology, Agro Ecology and Forestry. He founded the Open Lab platform for technology transfer and the Open Source Beehives project for sustainable beekeeping.


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